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<p>Never work in disconnection once more! Work together utilizing Creative Cloud Libraries by offering your libraries to other Creative Cloud clients. At the point when you decide to share a Creative Cloud library, those you share the library with can play out various errands on the benefits in the library - see, use, alter, duplicate, move, rename, or erase assets.</p> 

<p><em>For more data on this upgraded highlight, see the segment on Collaboration in the article</em></p> 

<p>Got most loved hues, type styles or designs? Presently keep them close within reach - any place and at whatever point you need them - utilizing Creative Cloud Libraries. Inventive Cloud Libraries assist you with gathering your preferred parts, compose them into consistent libraries, access and view them, to reuse them over your records and ventures. You should simply drop hues, type styles, or designs into the new Library board (Window &gt; Library) in Illustrator CC.</p> 

<p><strong>Across Illustrator projects</strong>. Whatever you spare in a Library opens up for use across Illustrator extends that you are working on.</p> 

<p><strong>On diverse computers.</strong>&nbsp;Libraries are matched up to the Creative Cloud. Your Library opens up on any PC that you are marked in on utilizing your Creative Cloud ID.</p> 

<p><strong>Photoshop CC</strong>. Photoshop CC 2014 currently has the Creative Cloud Libraries worked in, as well. Any Library you spare from Illustrator consequently opens up for use in Photoshop as well.</p> 

<p><strong>Apps</strong>. The new&nbsp;<strong>Brush CC</strong>,&nbsp;<strong>Shape CC</strong>, and&nbsp;<strong>Color CC</strong>&nbsp;apps empower you to spare your plans to your Creative Cloud Libraries. This implies you can remain innovative in a hurry utilizing your portable applications, while continually assembling your plan repositories.</p> 

<p><em>For more data, see the article on&nbsp;</em></p> 

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